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In this recent years, there has been growing demand for invisible grill for window over traditional window grill which is visually captivating solution to elevate the safety and security of residential & commercial buildings. People are not only seeking innovative option but also exude an  seamlessly blends into any architectural style.

What is Invisible Grill for Windows :

Invisible grill for window are a contemporary alternative to traditional window grills, designed to provide unobstructed views while ensuring the safety of occupants. An invisible grill is a sturdy mesh made from high strength stainless steel cables or wires, these grills are transparent, offering a seamless and elegant appearance. 

Features of Invisible Grill for Window:

The primary feature of invisible grill for window is their transparency. These grills provide safety without compromising the beauty of your home.

This grill for window are made from high-quality stainless steel cables or wires that are known for their strength and durability. They can withstand heavy impact and resist corrosion, ensuring long-lasting security.

It can be customized to fit different window sizes and shapes. They can be installed in casement windows, sliding windows, French windows, or any other window type.

It is  an excellent safety measure for households with young children. They act as a protective barrier, preventing accidents without blocking your line of sight & allow fresh air, natural light to enter the home. They offer both safety and a pleasant living environment.

Comparison Between Invisible Grill And Traditional Grill

Invisible Grill for Balcony

Traditional Grill For Balcony

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When you choose us for your invisible grill services, you can expect a combination of expertise, quality materials, customization options, safety, and excellent customer support. We are committed to delivering a seamless experience and providing you with the peace of mind that comes with reliable and aesthetically pleasing invisible grill installations

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Benefits of Invisible Grill for Window :

  1. Enhanced Security: Invisible grill for window provide an effective barrier against intruders without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your property. They act as a strong deterrent, protecting your home or office from unauthorized access.
  2.  Unobstructed View: One of the major advantages of invisible grill for window is their transparency. They allow for clear and unobstructed views from the window, ensuring that you can enjoy the surrounding scenery without visual hindrance.
  3. Natural Light and Ventilation: Invisible grill for window enable the entry of natural light and fresh air into your living or working spaces. This helps create a pleasant and well-ventilated environment.
  4. Child Safety: For families with young children, invisible grill for window offer peace of mind. They prevent accidental falls from windows, ensuring the safety of your loved ones.
  5. Low Maintenance: Invisible grill for window require minimal maintenance compared to traditional grills. They do not require regular painting or polishing and can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and mild detergent.
  6. Aesthetic Appeal: Invisible grill for window blend seamlessly with the window frames, preserving the architectural beauty of your property. They do not obstruct the exterior view.

How to book our services?

Experience the utmost professionalism with Supreme Invisible Grill as they provide a seamless process for your needs. Supreme Invisible Grill offers a comprehensive service package that includes scheduling a call for consultation, receiving a detailed estimation, and arranging for their expert installation service.

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Installation Process of Invisible Grill for Window :

  1. Site Inspection: A professional technician visits your premises to assess the windows’ dimensions, the type of windows, and other specific requirements.
  2.  Measurements: Precise measurements of the windows are taken to ensure a perfect fit for the invisible grills.
  3. Material Selection: Based on the site inspection and measurements, the appropriate stainless steel cables or wires are chosen.
  4. Fixing Points: The technician identifies suitable fixing points on the window frames or walls where the invisible grills for windows will be installed securely.
  5. Installation: The invisible grills for windows are then installed by attaching the stainless steel cables or wires to the fixing points. The installation process is typically quick and does not require major alterations to the existing window structure.
  6. Quality Check: After installation of Invisible grills for windows, a thorough quality check is performed to ensure that the invisible grills are properly fixed and meet the necessary safety standards.

FAQ's for Supreme Invisible Grill for Window

An invisible grill for homes is a security solution designed to provide safety and protection while maintaining an unobstructed view. The primary purpose of an invisible grill is to prevent unauthorized access, particularly from outside intruders, while allowing airflow and natural light to pass through. Invisible Grills is an advanced grill system that provides security for your family, pet & especially children. Invisible Grills for homes provide an effective security solution while maintaining an aesthetic appearance and preserving the view from windows and balconies.

Invisible Grilles have tensile strength of 350 Kgs and above. So nobody would fall or slip from the balcony or windows. Invisible grills are generally designed to be highly durable and able to resist various environmental conditions and external.Some Durability of Invisible Grills are:-
1) Material Quality
2) Strength and load-bearing capacity
3) Weather resistance
4) Maintenance requirements forces.

Yes, Invisible Grills are easily removable. Height and Width – Customizable to the height and the width of your intended area, you can choose to get it done removable or fixed.

  1. Cleaning an Invisible Grill is quite easy. Here are some points:-
    1) Remove debris: To remove dirt, you can use a soft brush, broom or a handheld vacuum cleaner to gently sweep or pull away the particles.
    (Note:- Be careful not to scratch the grill surface while cleaning it).
    2) Prepare a cleaning Solution: Fill a bucket with warm water & add a mild household cleaner.
    (Note:- Avoid using harsh chemicals cleaners, as they can possibly damage the grill material.)
    3) Wipe the grill Surface:-Soak a cloth into the cleaning solution and then gently wipe.
    (Note:- Make sure to clean all areas of the grill, paying attention to any stains or spots.)

    Regular maintenance and cleaning of the invisible grill will help keep it in good condition and maintain its transparency and appearance over time.


Stainless Steel 316 Wire with Nylon coated
Invisible grilles are a subtle alternative to the often unattractive iron bar grilles that are installed over balconies, windows, and staircases. They are made from Stainless Steel 316 wire and fixed into the walls and tightened.

Invisible grills will not rust – Invisible grills are made from high-quality stainless steel. They are encased in either rubber or plastic to provide extra protection.

Tensile strengths of 400 kg or more are available for invisible grilles. To prevent falls or slips from the balcony or windows. That is accurate, yes. In reality, the wires appear to be 2 mm thick, although they are composed of the highest grade of steel (316 Grade).

They don’t corrode in the harshest of environments which makes them a go-to for all kinds of weather conditions. Absolutely no maintenance is required to possess strength that is long-lasting! Unlike the traditional MS grills which are overly bulky and difficult to manage, invisible grills are just 2 mm in diameter.

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